Let’s Get Started


I have some questions for you before we get started with your fitness journey—just basic info that I can base some sort of nutritional and exercise plan around. If at any time you feel like my advice is not sound, by all means please let me know, or feel free not to follow it. This is a guideline, just something I followed while I was on my weight loss journey. To date, I have lost 158 pounds and understand the frustration and disappointment of gaining and losing weight. I have been heavy all my life, and tried every diet imaginable, from Jenny Craig to the cabbage soup diet. It wasn't until we had the biggest loser contest at work and my focus was on winning money vs losing weight. I was bigger than all the rest of the people putting in money to do the contest, and I was pretty much an expert at losing weight. So, I faltered, fell off the wagon and got back up again, and slowly lost my weight. And to this day, I falter, fall off the wagon, but I get back up. This is a lifestyle change, and as such it has to be sustainable. Something you can live with. Something you can still get joy from. So, on to the questions!

I want you to be totally honest with these questions-there is no wrong answer, I just want to know what your likes and dislikes are so we can provide you with personalized plans that are doable in your everyday life. Having enjoyable choices is a great way to achieve sustainability!

I will be e-mailing you on a consistent basis once you start, just to see how your doing and how you are feeling. After two weeks of consistency we will re-evaluate how you feel and if you are having any issues (i.e....eating too much, eating too little, having lots of cravings etc).

Thank you for this opportunity to work with you!